David Orgell A Tradition Since 1958 on Rodeo Drive

David Orgell Store in Beverly Hills CA , best selection of silver, tableware, fine Swiss luxury watches  and giftware from around the world

The Orgell legend began in the late 1800s in England, where the Orgell family had developed a prominent clientele in London and among the Royal Family. Immigrating to the United States, the Orgell family found its way to Los Angeles and settled in nearby Beverly Hills in the 1940s, then a small hamlet of movie stars and producers, including Will Rogers, Mary Pickford, and Dougland Fairbanks.

The Orgell family, led by patriarch Spencer Orgell, first located a store on fabled Wilshire Boulevard, which ran from downtown Los Angeles, northward to Beverly Hills, and then ending in Santa Monica, the seaside resort town of the 1940s that faced the beautiful Pacific Ocean.   David Orgell, Spencer's son, founded a nice location on Rodeo Drive in 1958, just steps away from the world famous Regent Beverly Wilshire.

From its beginning on Rodeo Drive, David Orgell has always been one of its largest and most prominent retailers. Noted for its fine selection of silver, tableware, and giftware from around the World, David Orgell soon became the icon symbolizing the finest in luxury shopping on Rodeo Drive, gained fame as the ultimate location for the finest stores in the west.   

In 1989, after the Soltani Family purchased David Orgell, the store continued serving its clients from around the world….including entertainers and stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzneger and countless others. Fine jewelry and Timepieces were added to the Orgell collection, and antiques and centuries-old tapestries were now included in a dazzling array of luxury items from around the world.

David Orgell launched a worldwide search for the best craftsmen and manufacturers to create their own collection of fine giftware, silver, crystal, and jewelry. Known as the David Orgell Collection, these items can be found throughout the store --offering incredible value and quality.

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